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Ways To Play

So you've learned to curl (with us or at another curling club), and now you're figuring out how to start playing.

Fantastic! First, you'll want to become a member of the Rocket City Curling Club; membership is inexpensive and runs through the end of the calendar year. After that, you've got a few options to get onto the ice:

League Substitutions

All RCCC members, regardless of experience or skill level, can participate as substitutes in our weekly curling leagues—and more often than not, we need a few folks to fill in! Playing as a sub is a great way to meet other club members and learn more about different styles of curling.

Look out for substitution opportunities on the #subs channel of the RCCC Discord, or feel free to stop by 30 minutes or so before a game to see if there are any openings. (If you've registered as a club member but haven't yet received a link to our online Discord chat, send us an email at

Drop-In Curling

Though our ice time is limited, we occasionally have a few sheets of ice that aren't being used for league games; when this happens, we'll open those sheets up for scrimmages or just individual practice.

We don't have a set schedule for drop-in curling, but you can check out upcoming opportunities and sign up to play on the Ice Sports Center's DaySmart Recreation page (login required). If you want to check in advance whether there will be any open ice on a given weekend, feel free to email us at


(NOTE: Many first-time curlers often think that they need a few more weeks of practice after their Learn To Curl before playing in a league. Not at all! Most of our members went straight from their LTC to our curling leagues, and playing in games is one of the best ways to bring together the skills you learned in your intro to curling. So definitely feel free to practice if ice is available, or join us for a second LTC, but it's not at all essential.)

Join a league!

Our league site is the best place to get the most up-to-date information about our curling leagues, but here's the rundown: we host weekly curling leagues four times a year, usually some sort of beginner league as well as a league open to all club members.

For each of these leagues, you can either form your own team, join an already-formed team, or sign up to play on a team of curling "free agents". If you're looking for other people to put a team together with, feel free to ask around on our club Discord. We'll send an email out to all club members when registration opens for each seasonal league.


More Resources


There are also plenty of other ways to learn more about curling and build your skills:

  • Watch curling online: You can catch hundreds of hours of top-level curling matches (for free!) on the YouTube accounts of organizations like CurlingZone and USA Curling. During the pro curling season (around September through May), will have links to live curling coverage—and you can also join us to chat on our #world-of-curling Discord channel.

  • This classic web game is a surprisingly good curling simulator, great for learning strategy and overall gameplay. Practice by yourself or play against others from around the world!

  • "Curl Up With Jamie": An elite curler on both the Canadian and American circuits, Jamie Sinclair is known for her competitive drive and her curling outreach. Her "Curl Up With Jamie" video series is a great introduction for anyone looking to build their throwing and sweeping skills.

  • Break Through Beginner Curling: Is your dream to go from arena curling to competing in the Olympic Trials? Gabrielle Coleman has been there—and her captivating e-book combines technical tips and advice with her personal journey through competitive curling.

We'd love to see you on the ice, so please get in touch if you have any questions about how you can take part in the RCCC. Good curling!

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