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The Rules of Shorties!

Shorties is a fun alternative curling game that involves no sweeping and no sliding.  Many clubs have their own versions and their own rules.  The rules at Rocket City are:

  1. The entire game is played in one house from the nearest hack

  2. Teams of two players

  3. Each team will throw four stones per end in alternating order  (Eight stones will be in play)

    1. The winner of a coin flip can chooses if they want the hammer in the first end

    2. Hammer moves to the loser of the previous end

  4. The rules for throwing a stone are:

    1. The thrower must have at least one foot in the hack.  Either foot is OK.

    2. The thrower may lean as far to the left or right as they want when throwing.

    3. The thrower’s foot that is not in the hack must remain even with the foot in the hack. That is, you may not step forward toward the house.  Just step and stretch to the left or right.

    4. You may throw with either your right or left hand.

    5. You may use your non-throwing hand or broom to hold yourself up if you’d like.

    6. There are no take-outs of your opponents stones whatsoever.  If your shot removes an opponent’s stone from the house, reset the stones to their original positions and remove your stone from play. (Note that taking-out your own stone is allowed.)  

  5. There is no sweeping.

  6. There are four ends per game.

  7. Ends are scored as usual.

  8. A fifth end is played as a tiebreaker if needed.

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